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We’ve been in this industry for a very long time and we are aware how most Traders portrait Forex as a get rich quick scheme. Our job is to erase that mindset very fast and show you how to treat Forex like a business.

DAY AND NIGHT FOREX are running since 2015 and changed a lot of people situations at home by teaching them the BANK TRADER STRATEGY. We always focusing on making the education easier for students and guide them so they can trade independently. William (Bank_Trader) is the founder of the company and has been using the BANK TRADER STRATEGY for 4 years trading successfully the Forex markets. 

DAY AND NIGHT FOREX is now looking to empower other entrepreneurs by teaching them the simple strategy we all are using, so they can also see progress in the Forex market. The main goal is to see all our students trade Forex independently and make a lot of profits so each of them can enjoy financial freedom. 

DAY AND NIGHT FOREX changed a lot of lives over the past creating wealth in the Forex industry and the vision is to continue doing so. Every year life is getting more expensive and people can no longer survive with one stream of income. It is time to learn from us and change your entire life forever. 


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