How to create a Profitable Trading Plan?

how to create a Trading Plan

What is a Trading Plan?

Many Forex Traders underestimate the power of a successful Trading Plan. They think a Trading Plan do not make any difference when it comes to Trading Forex consistently.Only a few of Day and Night Forex students trade with a Trading Plan and you can see the difference a Trading Plan makes in the results they post. A Trading Plan gives you guidance on which markets to trade, when to take profits, and when to cut your losses.

A Trading Plan is a decision-making tool that you use for your trading activity. It helps you decide what to trade and when to trade. As you already are aware of the fact that we only trade Nasdaq and since we are scalpers, we prefer to trade high volatile market conditions. We also trade only London and New York sessions, But mostly New York sessions opening to catch that 3:30 South Africa Standard Time(GMT+2) volatility. We enter Scalping positions based on our Scalping Strategy and after we take our losses or profits, we are done for the day. Only the next day will we open our charts and look for other entries. A Trading Plan should be created based on your own personality and your attitude towards risk and available capital. Never try to fit the next person’s Trading Plan to be one of your own. What works for them might not work for you. We are all different

Your Trading Plan can include anything that you find useful to turn yourself into a profitable Forex Trader. Here are a few points you can include…

>Reasons you Trading
>Your Trading Goals
>How much are you willing to Risk
>How much Capital you have available
>What markets do you want to trade
>What Strategy you will use
>Will you scalp or swing
>Your available daily free time
>How bad do
you want Financial Freedom
>How you deal with wins and losses
>Keep a Journal

A Trading Plan is different from a Trading Strategy. A Trading Strategy defines precisely when you should enter and exit trades. A Trading Plan is more about patience and discipline. You have to wait for setups to be complete before you execute. Your attitude should remain the same during wins and losses. A Trading Plan is key to your success.

Why do I need A Trading Plan?

A Trading Plan can help you make logical trading decisions for your ideal trade. Your Trading Plan will also stop you from making emotional trading decisions in the heat of the moment. There are a lot of benefits you will get out of your Trading Plan.

Make Trading Easier: The planning and analyzing are done upfront, so you can trade according to your strategy. When price come to your buy or sell area, you will execute with no fear and emotions.
Make more profitable trades: You are already familiar with how the market moves and all your areas are already marked. Now you know when you should take profits or cut losses. So you don’t take trades based on analyzes and close them based on emotions.
Trading Discipline: If you are not a disciplined trader you will never make consistent profits in the Forex Market. To be disciplined you won’t force setups or feel like you have to take trades daily. Our rule is, no clear setups, no trades. You will not get happy over wins and sad over losses. You will backtest and find out why certain trades work and why others do not work. You will treat Forex Trading as a business.
Room for Improvement: By going through your Trading Journal, you will learn from your past trading mistakes and improve your strategy you use. You will see what went wrong, which fundamentals affected your setup and you will make better trading decisions in the future.

Figuring out your reasons for trading and the time you are willing to commit is a very important key that you must include when creating your Trading Plan. You have to question yourself and write down what you want to achieve from Trading Forex. Are you going to trade Forex full time or are you going to use Forex Trading as a tool to invest in other businesses? Do not let Forex Trading take all of your time that you neglect yourself and your family. You must not be glued to your screens 24/5 to find good trades. It is totally normal to miss a few setups and it is best to create your Trading Plan based on your day-to-day life. Will you be able to trade at work? or do you have to take trades before going to work? All these factors play a major role in your Trading Plan.

If you choose to scalp you will need a little more time with your charts. Like us, we only spend 30 minutes max daily on the charts. Analyze and then monitor our trades for an entry. We wait for the New York session to open to catch the volatility. We execute our trades and wait a few minutes to take our profits and close. Not every day is the same, so there are times that we are in the markets for a few hours.
Some of our students work, so they swing trade based on the fact that they are occupied during New York session. So they analyze the Asian sessions. Put in the orders with stop losses and take profits and go to sleep. They go to work and only check the outcome after work. So based on your daily activities, you have to figure out what suits you most.

It’s key to spend a lot of time preparing yourself for trading.

You have to make time to backtest and forward test and forward test. Put in the work so you can master your strategy. You can’t neglect Forex Trading and expect to be a Profitable Trader. Only hard work and passion pay off. You have to develop a love for the charts and money will follow.

What you want to achieve out of forex shouldn’t be a simple statement. You have to be specific. You also have to set realistic goals and be aware that Forex Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You also have to get familiar with the fact that it doesn’t matter how clear and solid your Trading Plan is. You will have setbacks and obstacles along the journey. Forex is not easy and your breakthrough won’t happen overnight. There is no duration to success. What took others 6 months can take you 3 months or 1 year.

Most Forex Traders see forex as a get-out-of-poverty fast ticket because that is how many traders advertise it to lure in clients. So most of us come and join trading with the mindset that this is the ticket to give us a soft life. As time goes on and the more we learn, we see for ourselves that forex is not as easy as they put it out there. Here you will learn a lot before you start to see progress. So those big houses, cars and luxurious lifestyles you see. Remove it from your mindset as it will only lead to poor risk management. Traders have that attitude of 0.01 lots won’t pay the bills and that mindset turns them into scammers to maintain the lifestyle 0.01 lotsize won’t give them. Always use risk management and be aware that in order for you to make big money, you have to fund with big money. It is very possible to start small and make it big, but you have to be disciplined and patient. Market conditions are always changing and even the most accurate strategies carry risks. You will make losses and the best thing about using risk management is that you will recover those losses because your account is not blown.

Choose a good risk-reward ratio even though it can be time-consuming. Most traders just open the charts and open multiple positions and expect miracles to occur. Yes, you can get away with it a few times, but when you burn, you gonna burn so hard that you will respect the market and know it is not your playground. Apply risk management.

With risk management, it is possible to lose more than you win and still be consistently profitable. It all comes down to risk vs reward. You can use a risk-reward ratio of 1:3 or higher, which means your possible profits made on a trade will be more than the possible loss.

We fund an account with $100 and only used a risk-reward ratio of 1-3 and here is how it went.

That were high-risk trades because we funded the account with money we are willing to lose and have more capital available to fund. We are aware of the importance of risk management, hence we advise our students to always use proper risk management. The smaller the account the riskier it is to trade NASDAQ. A 100% weekly returns are very risky. On our bigger investment accounts, we set more realistic goals like 10-25% monthly, because the same way you can double your account in a day is the same way you can blow it. High expectations with poor risk management are what kill a lot of traders.

Never trade with money you are not willing to lose as it will only cause more problems in your life. Trading with your rent or groceries money with the hopes of making profits will only end in tears. You will open trades based on setup and close trades based on emotions and fear. Since it is money that you have plans with, you will hold big losses for a long period and close small profits. When you are in a loss you will hold to the idea of the market may retrace and then you can recover your rent money. Soon as you are in losses you will revenge trade trying to recover your capital and then you blow your account. When you are under pressure you will break your Trading Plan rules and trade based on what you want the market to do. Please never risk capital you are not willing to lose because you won’t be 100% focused when taking trades.

So decide how much capital you have for trading. You should never risk more than you can afford to lose. Trading involves plenty of risks. Do not force things and use your rent or groceries money to fund your account. Rather work on bettering yourself and your strategy. When the capital does come available you will be prepared.

Any currency pair or indices you decide to trade, make sure you spend time with the charts and practice. Fewer pairs are better because you can focus more and be less distracted. You can choose between 1-3 trades and take notes of what news events influence them. We only trade Nasdaq, because it gives us more freedom to spend time on other things.No setups, No trades.
For your Trading Plan to work, you have to jot down your trades as this can help you find out what’s working and what isn’t. It’s best to make notes of technical details, such as entry and exit points of the trade. Also, go into detail about why you took that trade and your emotional behavior behind your entry. Write down why you did what you’ve done and the outcome of it. The more details to look back to, the better trading decisions you will make.

Learn to challenge yourself and work to create a better future for yourself. Always monitor your trades if you use our Scalping Strategy, but consider what time works best for you based on your day-to-day life. Just don’t be glued to your screens all day. You will see things that are not there, and you will take small profits, because of small pullbacks. Later the market continues in your direction. Calculate your risk-reward ratio, execute and let the market move. You will only be full of emotions and fear when you have a small account and risked it all. All of us used poor risk management before and we know the increase in a heartbeat when you are in a drawn-down of 60% compared to when you are in a drawn-down of less than 3%. Always follow your Trading Plan and do not compare yourself with anyone. This is your Trading Journey and remember that small gains are better than no gains.

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    effect , people could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more.

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